• Admission for Master and Doctorate courses 01/2017

    Application dates will be from 12/12/2016 to 01/20/2017. All informations are available here. Read More
  • Foreign professor position at Universidade de Brasília.

    Chemistry Institute of the Universidade de Brasília is offering a foreign professor position in chemistry of biomolecules. Please, find the rules for submit your aplication clicking the link below.   Read More
  • List of postgraduate courses 01/2017

    List of postgraduate courses that will be offered on 01/2017 by the Institute of Chemistry at UnB.   Read More
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The Graduate Program in Chemistry (PPGQ) started its activities in 1974 with a masters program,  and established   the doctoral course in chemistry in 1992. According to the latest triennial 2010-2012 CAPES evaluation, both courses  received  a grade of 5. Since 2010, the program has had significant growth in both the number of advisors and areas of competence,  as well as in the number of graduate students. Considering the data of PPGQ 2014, the program has 49 permanent research advisors and 165 students, 90 in the masters program and 75 in the doctoral one.

The Graduate Program in Chemistry (PPGQ), one of the most important programs in chemistry in  Brazil's Midwest, is located in the Institute of Chemistry of the Universidade de Brasilia (UNB). Grants from CAPES and CNPq permit most of our students to have financial assistance during the  course. The PPGQ is organized in Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry areas, and research is conducted  in many different fields of chemistry as well as in related ones, such as medicine, forensics, computers, phytochemistry, etc.